QHFT, the new home management software

Quantum Home Financial Tools: this is the acronym of the new home management system by Quantum Technology.
It’s since the late 80 ‘s that hadn’t been a management program in the QL scene. They were softwares in keeping with the time, for power, usability and graphics.
After 25 years the needs and habits are radically different and it is not possible to disregard this.
QHFT  perfectly meets these new needs as a powerful, stable, modular and highly configurable program.
In this article we will talk in particular about the current account management module.
It is a multilingual product, able to handle more than 32000 bank accounts simultaneously in any currency.
The program has a very versatile filter system: you can filter the accounts for account holder or credit institution; select only the open or closed accounts; within each account you can apply filters to amounts, to payment reasons, to descriptions as well as being able to restrict the data range to consider. The displayed balance will always be congruent with the applied filter. It’s possible to manage more accounts simultaneously in separate windows, or open more views of the same account applying different filters to each of them.
Ultimately this is a professional level product, mainly aimed at home, but also at small business.
The software is downloadable from the Quantum Technology website.