Active buttons

  • What are the Active Buttons?
    They are button-shaped little programs whose aim is to stay in the button frame and provide various information.
    They are defined “Active” because they not only provide information or stand for sleeping programs, but also, when clicked, they execute specific actions.
    This allows to re-evaluate the usage of the button frame which, from a simple recectaple or status bar, becomes an active component of your QL: you can execute programs, and configure the system using the button frame as a shortcut to your favorite applications.

    Active Buttons have a very low parametrization grade: the only possible parameter is the executable program to be associated with the button.
    This allows to get extremely light buttons; even with many activated buttons the system will not slow down.
    Active Buttons require SMSQ/E 3.00 or above with HOME thing.

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    • 20/05/2018 – New Buttons, icons added
    • 20/11/2016 – Initial release

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     Active Buttons 1.1


    Previous versions

    Active Buttons 1.0