Guide to the drafting of articles

Anybody may contribute to our proposals publishing or sending articles; any contribution is welcome. However, the articles have to follow some simple rules.

  • Articles must be written in an understandable way: please avoid unnecessary technical terms if possible.
  • Use a simple style: please avoid slang, very long and complex sentences, extreme abbreviations. This is a multilingual website, so let’s facilitate translator’s job.
  • If you have to attach program lists, please utilize the proper syntax and form for the programming language you’re using. For example, always lower case characters for C language, and upper case characters for Superbasic keywords.
  • Utilize italic typeface for parameters out of the program lists. For example: BORDER width, color
  • Insert new articles as “draft”. Someone will check them, and in case of doubts a reviser will contact the author: four eyes are better than two.
  • If possible, ask someone to reread your articles before publication.