What is Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology is a project, a working group whose purpose is the maintenance and development of the Sinclair QL world; Quantum Technology is not a company, not a partnership, and especially not for profit.

Quantum Technology is a trade mark and a logo, whose purpose is to easily recognize its products and initiatives, ensuring end users a professional level of quality and support.



Quantum Technology was created with the aim of keeping alive the interest about the world of Sinclair QL, its derivatives, and anything that can be somehow connected to it.

Quantum Technology intends to promote the use of this system by providing, with its products and initiatives, a guarantee of reliability and quality in what they propose. To do this, Quantum Technology name and logo will appear in each product or initiative: their purpose is to make aware the end user to be in front of a certain type of product, curated in a certain way and properly supported.

Ideally, Quantum Technology wants to be a quality label, a guarantee to who utilizes certain programs to be in front of solid software, constantly revised and updated according to the newest possible needs, adequately documented and especially assisted in case of problems.


Methods and tools

To achieve its own purposes, Quantum Technology intends to follow the following directives:

  • Create new softwares
  • Support programs created by the QL community
  • Recover and if possible update programs abandoned but still useful
  • Share knowledge
  • Promote events
  • interact with the communities
  • assist users


Disclaimer & copyright

Quantum Technology name and logo, as well as all the produced material, the intellectual property of the work and the material presented on the site are owned by Giorgio Garabello. It is forbidden to use such material without the written approval of the copyright holders except where otherwise expressly indicated.

Quantum Technology assumes no responsibility for both lawful and not lawful use of the product. Any possible damage caused directly or indirectly, due to misuse of Quantum Technology products is the sole responsibility of the user.