• QTImage is the first image-editing program for Sinclair QL.

    The program was developed by Quantum Technology team, is based on the excellent David Westbury  graphics routines  (the author of Photon) and has relied on the advice of Roberto Porro (author of PhotoQL).

    Now we can modify our pictures directly on our QL
    The images can be rotated and resized, viewed with different zoom levels; we can alter the brightness and work on color balance.
    QTImage allows the inclusion of a number of graphic filters to improve the quality of our pictures; so we can work on the nuances, enhancing the contours, add artistic effects like the effect of “relief” and much more.

    QTImage is completely free and can be downloaded from the special section of our site

  • Screenshot

  • 02/12/2021 – Version 1.5

    • Resizing the program in three modes
    • Inserted management of the Spanish language
    • Improved file import management
    • Added new wave effect
    • Added dithering filter
    • Added new function: image blending
    • Improved color management
    • Inserted function: parabolization
    • Inserted Solarization effect
    • New Function: Invert Colors
    • New X-ray effect
    • New Function: Quantization

    18/10/2018 – Version 1.4

    • Added new Pixel filter
    • New 3D mosaic filter inserted
    • Inserted frame tool
    • Added toning management
    • Added tool darken tone
    • Added tone lightening tool
    • Added low-relief filter
    • Inserted filter identifies edge

    12/11/2017 – Version 1.3

    • New Sepia graphic filter
    • Color Desaturation (White and Black)
    • New function: contrast
    • New general settings menu
    • Managing popup tips
    • Managing the submenu indicator in the drop-down menus
    • Choosing window size at startup
    • Improved manual editing of values across panels
    • Textual icons were replaced with new graphic icons

    08/08/2017 – Version 1.2

    • auto-language bug fixed
    • Interlaced PNG import added.

    06/07/2017 – Version 1.1

    • New graphic interface
    • UNDO funciotn added
    • JPG image export added
    • Contextual help added
    • Better system palette
    • Better language management.

    01/03/2017 – Initial release

  • Download

    Download QTImage 1.5

    Old versions

    Download QTImage 1.4

    Download QTImage 1.3

    Download QTImage 1.2

    Download QTImage 1.1

    Download QTImage 1.0