WiQget 1.1 – Let’s find out together

On february 1st, Quantum Technology has officially released its WiQget version 1.1. Let’s see what are the most important added features.

First and foremost comes transparency level handling: now WiQgets will have a more “discreet” look, especially at low resolutions. This allows having a more omogeneous desktop.
Opacity level can be selected for each WiQget, ranging from complete transparency to total opacity in 256 different levels. This way you can have opacity levels selected for every WiQget.
If not specified, transparency level for any WiQget is set at 50%.

The new release features also two new modules. The first is a different version of the already present digital clock, with the only difference that this version shows also the seconds.
More interesting is the new module, showing the total RAM, the available RAM and the percentage of available memory.

The control menu has been improved. While in the first version the menu was actived only by pressing mouse button DO, in this version both buttons can active the menu. Lastly, the parameters parsing has been improved, becoming faster and safer.

As always, the product is freely available on Quantum Technology website. You just have to download and install it on your sustem.