Structure of Quantum Technology

We are organized in workgroups according to our abilities and our free time.
We are all volunteers, no one gets paid.
Would you like to take part? Read the details about the individual groups and choose which to join in.


Dev group: developers

Develops new programs, updates existing ones; the group requires some time availability.

Skills required:

  • average knowledge of C language or
  • average knowledge of SuperBASIC language or
  • good knowledge of motorola 68000 assembler.


Design group: graphics designers

Deals with the “aesthetics” aspect of programs, articles, manuals etc.


Test group: software test

Checks the applications operation, both those produced by Quantum Technology and the third parties ones; reports bugs to the concerned groups.

Required skills:

  • a smattering of QL environment.
  • unhealthy desire to cause program crashes


Lang group: translations

Translates whatever gets: manuals, help files, articles.

Required skills:

  • fluent in at least one foreign language


Press group: our “Press Office”

The group releases on our site various articles covering the world of QL, finds on the internet other authors’ articles and publishes them.

Guide to the drafting of articles


Doc group: documentation and library

This group collects and organizes all the manuals and tutorials available online and make them available in our website.
Develops the technical documentation of the Quantum Technology projects.

Required skills:

  • knowledge of the QUILL software
  • knowledge of the documentation standards


Support: when all else fails

This group brings together all those having a high knowledge in any of the previous sectors, but having a very little time; this people remain available for “on the fly” help when the other groups are in trouble.

Skills required:

  • high knowledge in one of the above areas